Rubber Cutting Edges

The Simple Solution to Your Steel Edge Problems

Sparks, Fires, Noise, Muck and Floor Wear – All Solved by Switching from Steel to Rubber Cutting Edges

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Wheel Loader with Rubber Cutting Edge and Rubber Heel Pad

SETCO’s compression molded Rubber Cutting Edge is one continuous piece of rubber, which is bonded to a metal blade that bolts directly and easily to the bucket. This provides greater strength and increased life compared to other designs.

Using 100% natural rubber in the manufacturing process of SETCO rubber cutting edges, there is no harmful steel cord body that could damage the floor or cause sparks.

Further, SETCO’s rubber cutting edges clean the floor more effectively than steel edges, which keeps the floor drier.

SETCO’s rubber cutting edges, therefore, not only protect the bucket, but the surface of the floor as well. This allows the SETCO rubber cutting edge to increase the floor life while effectively decreasing tyre spinning.

Rubber cutting edges are available for small and skid steer loaders, backhoes, and all makes and models of front end loaders.

SETCO offers three different taper options:

  • No taper
  • Single
  • Double

The latter option makes the rubber cutting edge reversible.

Rubber leveling pads, mounted at the rear of the bucket, allow the bucket to be operated in the proper angle. This minimizes the pressure of the rubber cutting edge, which in turn increases the life of the rubber cutting edge.