Solid Tyres

Press-On Solid Tyre for Wheel Loaders

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29.5×25 Junk Yard Dog Air Ride Press On Solid Tyre

SETCO solid tyres are made with a 100% natural rubber compound.  The flat side-wall design will also ensure that the tyre wears evenly and flat, which keeps the ground pressure, and wear, as low as possible throughout the entire tyre life.  SETCO’s press-on solid tyres are available in following options:

Comfort Options:

  • Classic
  • Air Ride

  Tread Designs:

  • Slick
  • Staggered Gear Lug (4, 8 or 16 lugs per side)

Material Handler Super Single Tyres

super wide solid tyre; super single solid tyre; dual wheel solid tyre conversion
12.00×20 Super Single Solid Tyre with Heat-Vent Holes for Material Handler

SETCO’s “Super Single” material handler tyre assemblies come in many different sizes and can replace any dual wheel assembly! Using a cut and chunk resistant 100% natural rubber compound, SETCO’s “Super Single” tyres provide exceptional longevity, with the tyres often lasting as long as the machine they are on!

  • Suitable for any make & model material and scrap handler
  • Available with or without venting apertures
  • Eliminates the void found on traditional dual wheel assemblies, meaning no more pulling scrap out from between tyres
  • 1” thick steel rim provides exceptional durability and crack resistance, even in the most abusive environments

Solid Tyres for Skid Steers

Smooth, Cushioned Solid Tyre for Skid Steer Loader

SETCO’s solid tyres for skid steers are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of a scrap yard.

The flat rim design of SETCO wheels lowers ground pressure, which reduces wear from shear forces that skid steer tyres are subjected to when the machine turns.

SETCO’s 100% natural rubber compound is optimized for cut and tear resistance, which provides resistance to chunking damage from loose scrap.

Waste Expeditor and Expanded Rim Solid Tyres

Waste Expeditor; soft solid tyre; cushioned solid tyre; semi solid tyre
Waste Expeditor 26.5-25 Solid Tyres with 16 Micro Lug Traction Tread Design
solid tyre for wheel loader; heavy duty solid tyre for wheel loader; vented solid tyre; solid tyre for steel mills; solid tyre for scrapyard
29.5-25 Expanded Rim Heat-Vented Solid Tyres

The gold standard  for solid tyres, SETCO’s expanded rim solid tyres for wheel loaders can be customized to fulfil almost any requirement.

The flat rim design ensures that the machine’s load is distributed evenly across the tyre surface, minimizing tyre wear, increasing load carry capacity and prolonging tyre life.

SETCO’s latest innovation, the Waste Expeditor, combines this technology with the softest riding aperture hole design, to create the most comfortable solid tyre on the market. The cushioning of the tyre also allows it to provide the best traction of all solid tyres on the market.